Adult Ministries

Deaconess Ministry

The Deaconess Ministry is a group of Holy Ghost filled women chosen by our Pastor to assist the Deacons in the orderly functioning of the church. Their role is to minister to the less fortunate by providing food, clothing, visiting the sick, and ministering the saving power of Jesus Christ.

Free Spirit Women of Victory Ministry

The Women’s Ministry is designed to fully develop the whole woman, spirit, soul and body that she may walk as a virtuous woman in the earth. The teachings of First Lady Lois Blakes are simplistic yet uncompromising, and encourages women to apply God’s Word in a practical way to every situation in her life. We also have an annual conference, revival and retreat, as well as periodic fellowships outside of the church walls to strengthen the cords of our relationships.

Mighty Men of the Word

MMW men’s ministry meets every 1st Monday of the month. The purpose of this ministry is to develop strong, spiritually mature, and committed men by providing support, mentorship and guidance, teaching men how to stand for righteousness, and live a set-apart, purpose-driven life for Jesus Christ that they make take their rightful place as sons of God in the earth and as spiritual leaders of their families.


Singles Ministry meets every 3rd Monday of the month. The purpose of this ministry is to inspire, empower and motivate young adults ages 18-30 through stimulating biblical teachings and resources to pursue and maintain a lifestyle that demonstrates sanctification, holiness, and commitment to God.