Health & Wellness

Financial Literacy Ministry

The ministry is designed to educate members about biblical and practical principles of money management.  To provide opportunities for members to become home owners and the skills to live debt free.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The purpose of the ministry is to intercede and warfare through prayer and fasting for our Pastors, Elders, Ministers and the saints by the pulling down of strongholds, binding the plan of the enemy, thus promoting freedom and deliverance in worship and the fulfillment of the vision.

Restoration Ministry

Sickness, divorce and the death of a love one are just some reasons people are struggling to move forward. The mission of the Restoration Ministry is to provide spiritual support and comfort to members and their relatives who are experiencing such difficult times in their lives.

Visitation Ministry

The Visitation Ministry is the caring and compassionate arm of New Home Ministries charged with serving the NHM family and their relatives during times of illness, hospitalization and confinement to home. The Visitation Ministry is modeled after the life of Jesus Christ our Savior, who possessed hands that healed, words that comforted, peace that transcended every

Wellness Ministry

The wellness program promotes the study of God’s word as it relates to nutrition and the development of  fitness opportunities that encourage a  healthy lifestyle for members to experience the abundant life.  Participants are afforded an opportunity to learn abut nutrition God’s way, participate in a 5K to benefit the R. C.Blakes Scholarship Foundation,  group aerobics, pilates, walking and running programs.